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Arenal volcano

Arenal volcano

Admire the majesty of the most active volcano in Costa Rica, and heard its moaning ... then relax in its beautiful waterfall spa

Location Guanacaste. Arenal volcano.
Transport is included
Pick up time 7:00 am
Don't forget Long pants, T-shirts, walking shoes, hat, sweater, sun glasses, sunblock, rain jacket, mosquito repellent, camera, bathing suit, towel and sandals
Rates 150.00 US$ per person.
Min. of 4 persons required to operate.
Reservations $ 30 per person deposit, adults only

Experience firsthand the sight and sound of Costa Rica's most active volcano, meanwhile enjoy one of the fringe benefits that the volcano has bestowed on the area. Tabacon Hot Springs Resort offers an extraordinary setting to observe the spectacular Arenal Volcano as well as a series of variously sized pools, fed by natural springs, spread out among lush gardens.

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