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Hotel La Dolce Vita
Address:  Esterillos Oeste Beach, beside El Vago restaurant, 50 meters from Low Tide Lounge Bar and Bus Stop
Phone/Fax:  +506-27787015


The Hotel "La Dolce Vita" is located on the beach of Esterillo Oeste, near Jaco, about 120 Km from the international airport Juan Santamaria. You can reach the hotel renting a car, by taxi or by air-conditioned minibus.


In the airport rent a taxi to go directly to La Dolce Vita in Esterillos Oeste.


Transport Transport

Transfer from international airport of San Josè to La Dolce Vita Hotel, Esterillos Oeste, Jaco.



Public Bus

Bus service runs regularly between San Jose and Quepos,from Bus terminal (Central de Buses de San José Estación Plaza Viquis: Plaza Viquis, Antigua Parada de Carta 60 - Tel (506) 22-21-42-14/ 22-58-89-39/ 22-90-13-08). Direct buses (faster trip, takes about 2.30 h) leave from the Terminal at: 7.00 - 10.00 - 14.00 - 16.00- 17.00 (the 17.00 h Bus only Monday-Friday and stops 100 meters far from the hotel); Collective buses (slower trip, takes about 3.30 h) leave from the Terminal at: 6.00 - 9.00 - 10.30 - 12.00- 14.30 - 16.45- 18.00 . Go down at the first Esterillos Oeste stop and in this case walk to the beach and then turn right for 50 meters until you reach La Dolce Vi

Renting a car

The drive from the San Jose airport (Juan Santamaria International Airport) to Esterillos Oeste will take about 2 hours . The road is fully paved with the new highway in place. In order to be ready to pay autopista toll, we suggest exchanging  5 US dollars into Costa Rican colones.

At the rental car office, ask the agent to send you off in the right direction, west on Route 1, past the airport. Always drive defensively and note that when two lanes become one, "CEDA" means "Yield". When you are on Route 1, follow signs to San Ramon, after 10 km drive in the right lane and take the next exit "Route 3" for Jaco,  Quepos / Manuel Antonio.

Drive on the highway through 2 toll booths. Then, take the next right exit to Route 34, follow signs for Jaco / Quepos. The Route 34 (called Costanera), will bring you to Esterillos Oeste. Keep straight on the highway, do not take any of the exits into the towns. After you pass Jaco there will be twenty minutes to Esterillos Oeste.

You will be taking the first entrance into Esterillos Oeste, past the Cabo Caletas project. You will see the signs of the Las Olas development. You will go for about 500 metros into town where you will see a small super market, Super Sol, on your right. Pass the super market and follow the road straight toward the beach and make a right just before the surf shop, you will see an other small sign of the hotel. Continue 30 meters and make a left at the fence post; you have arrived at "La Dolce Vita". The trip from the airport to La Dolce Vita will last about 2.0 hours.

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