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Photo Contest winners 2021

It is with great pleasure and pride that we present the winners of the Photo Contest 2021, 12th Edition - Playa Esterillos - Hotel La Dolce Vita.

Thanks to all participants and supporters of the contest!As in the past years, also in 2021 we have received many beautiful photos that would have deserved a reward. The winners of the contest have been chosen on the base of the subject originality, ideas, quality and overall beauty of the picture.We are aware that many more participant pictures would deserve a prize and therefore, thanking again all the participants for sending their photos, we recommend everybody to attend next year contest.

The “Playa Esterillos Hotel La Dolce Vita” Photo Contest photos show the beauty of Esterillos beach and of Costa Rica. These photos clearly demonstrate how beauty is everywhere in Playa Esterillos (sometime hidden to our eyes)an how it’s easy, for an open, artistic and curious person equipped with a photo camera and with much will for beauty, to discover the appeal of our beach and village. See you in 2022 for the 13° edition of the contest.


Con gran placer y orgullo presentamos los ganadores del del Concurso de Fotografía 2021, 12° edición - Playa Esterillos - Hotel La Dolce Vita.

Gracias a todos los participantes y simpatizantes del concurso.Como todos los años, también en 2021, hemos recibido muchas fotos hermosas que hubieran merecido una recompensa.Los ganadores del concurso han sido elegidos en base de la originalidad temática, idea, calidad y belleza de las fotos. Nosotros somos conscientes de que muchas más imágenes merecen un premio. Por lo tanto, agradeciendo nuevamente a todos los participantes por enviar sus fotos, recomendamos que todos asistan al concurso del próximo año.

Las fotos del Concurso de Fotografía “Playa Esterillos - Hotel La Dolce Vita"muestran la bellezade Playa Esterillos y de Costa Rica. Estas fotos demuestran claramente cómo la belleza está en todas partes en Playa Esterillos (a veces oculta a nuestros ojos) y cómo es fácil, para una persona abierta, artística y curiosa, equipada con una cámara fotográfica y con mucha ganas de belleza, descubrir el atractivo de nuestra playa y pueblo. Nos vemos en 2022 para la 13° edición del concurso.


  • 1st place: "Biodiversity". The beauty of the environment that surrounds the Hotel La Dolce Vita. The natural diversity and harmony of all the elements that surround it. Luis Fdo Zeledon Morales
  • 2nd place: "La Sirena" The statue of the Mermaid is one of its greatest attractions only surpassed by the warmth of its people and the beauty of its town. Ingrid Miranda Arroyo.
  • 3rd place: "Peace"· The best beach to enjoy with the family. Francis Corella.

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