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Esterillos Oeste Surf Report and Forecast

Esterillos Oeste is located in the province of Puntarenas. The famous beach of Playa Esterillos Oeste is just a few miles south of Playa Hermosa beach, and is divided from this beach by the rocky Punta Judas. Jaco Beach is 18 Km far.

To reach Esterillos Oeste beach, you have to go out of the National Road, just 18 Km South of Jaco, turning right to take the 500 meters street leading to the beach. This beach is very long: 7 kilometers and is fantastic for long walks or jogging. In Playa Esterillos Oeste, the waves are shallow and not as steep and fast as in Playa Hermosa. They are especially good for longboards fan surfers.

Playa Esterillos Oeste is very popular among the surfers in the area. You have many surfers living in Jaco that love go and surf the waves south along the coast: as in Playa Hermosa or Esterillos. Not only surfers but also Costa Rican people visit the beach, especially on the weekends, and you can see many Costa Rican families frequenting this beach. In fact, Playa Esterillos Oeste, it's one of the beaches where the Ticos still outnumber the foreign tourists.

Playa Esterillos Oeste: excellent waves for lonboarders

The mermaid at Esterillos Oeste

The mermaid statue at Esterillos Oeste

In the northern end of the beach you can spot the statue of a mermaid sitting on a rock. This point is called "La Sirena" - Mermaid-, in this point the waves break slowly to the right and are excellent for lonngboarders. It's also suggested to surf this spot in the morning, during high tide, since the waves break over a rocky bottom. On the other hand, if you go to the left side of the beach, direction south, the bottom is sandy with still good waves here to surf. At the cliffy north part of the beach, you can find a protected tide pool. Please note that during low tide, several fossilizations ton the bottom of the ocean are uncovered. It's always advised that swimmers take care of the currents and ask the local and lifeguards for possible dangers. Soft sands the color of ground nutmeg recline subtly into the ocean along an eight-mile stretch at Playa Esterillos. The waves are powerful but the beach is forgiving making it a fun and challenging experience for beginner and intermediate surfers. The communities have more of a local-feel with less tourists, more ex-pats and fewer services than Jaco.  You'll still find both bargain and luxury hotels, a couple of restaurants and one or two bars along the beachfront. With its convenient proximity to both Jaco and Manuel Antonio, travelers to Esterillos can take day trips to local attractions and enjoy the nightlife and fine dining in both beach towns.

Driving times and distances:

  • The distance from San Jose to Esterillos Oeste is: 77 miles or 124.2 kilometers.
  • The travel time from San Jose to Esterillos Oeste is about 1.30 hours.
  • The distance from Liberia to Esterillos Oeste is: 128.1 miles or 206.3 kilometers.
  • The travel time from Liberia to Esterillos Oeste is about 3.45 hours.

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