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Paragliding packages

Costa Rica is the ideal country for paragliding and is great for any level of pilot. The beauty and special weather conditions of Costa Rica are recognized from many pilots, which come from all over the world, year after year, for enjoying its incredible thermals and wonderful flying locations. If you like paragliding you'll love Costa Rica, because you can come in any time of the year, for the time you want, and be sure to fly, practically, every day.

Flexibility and knowledge of the territory

We live and fly in Costa Rica for the whole year, we don’t come here just for a tour; therefore we can guarantee you the maximum flexibility for arranging a paragliding vacation in any period of the year, for the days you wish and better match your activity. You can come with a group of friends or alone, it does not matter, we can match your needs. Living here we know perfectly the area and have access to many private sites unavailable to most of the pilots, keeping good relationships.

Safety and adventure

 We offer a professional, comprehensive and personalized guide Flight tour guide throughout the country for pilots  all levels who like to come to our beautiful country to enjoy the flight in Paragliding, guaranteeing a pleasant stay, safe, full of excellent flight and adventure.

Our world class paragliding tour package is your best choice, within easy reach from North America or by a direct flight from Madrid if you come from Europe. We offer the best locations, to stay, wonderful flights, beautiful views, safety and adventure.  Our (speaking English) certified pilots and instructors will be your guide throughout this adventure, taking you to the best flight sites according to your skills and fly level; they will be your best guide during the whole period. Sunshine, warm temperature, consistent thermals and a great variety of flying locations all year round, is just what you can expect from your paragliding holiday with us.

In Costa Rica you will find a great variety of P-2 friendly sites, plenty of fun and challenge for experienced pilots. We will be flying together inland thermal sites or Oceanside soaring sites, that will give you the opportunity to refine all your skills and techniques, with our coaching and support.  Costa Rica will give you the opportunity to fly every day for hours, or take a break to explore our wonderful rainy forests, surfing, rafting; or get the experience to see macaws, toucans, hawks, eagles or pelicans and frigate birds. 

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