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Renate Herberger runs Costa Rica waters for the seventh consecutive year

Category: General 

Jan 29, 2014

 On Monday, Jan. 27, Renate Herberger will start for the seventh time her 1,100 kilometers  swimming trip along Costa Rica’s Pacific shore. It's a tradition that Renate, before she begins her 1,100-kilometer swim, always sings a song to the African goddess Yemaya, who watches over the sea. With this song, renate asks Yemaya for permission to enter the endless Pacific. sing that song again. The well-known German swimmer , Renate Herberger , who started six years ago in Costa Rica as the defender of the sea, is back in Costa Rica to meet its sixth consecutive trip .   Renate Herberger seeks to spread a message on behalf of the oceans.

She is touting a message of change in attitude to save the sea and its living beings. This born 57 years ago , in the village of Deccgingen (Germany ) , athlete grew up near the sea in Baden Baden and currently lives in Sydney , a small island off the coast of Canada. "The goal is to try to give a message of change not to continue causing damage to the sea and the creatures that inhabit it. And thus no longer contributing to the effects of climate change and the destruction of our planet, " she said.

The swimmer  plans to swim about 20 miles a day for three months last cruise . On land , going to different places , it will give lectures and workshops on the content of your message


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