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The arrivals of turtles in Ostional Beach in Costa Rica

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set 7, 2015

The arrivals of turtles in Ostional, are constant since 1959, but it was 10 years later when Costa Rican scientists began studying this phenomenon. Note that most arrivals of ridleys occur during the waning moon phase. However, during winter arrivals they are much greater.

According to data provided in the past by the Association for Integral Development of Ostional (Adio) there is an average of 100 eggs per turtle to reach Ostional to spawn. Of total eggs, extraction of this organization reaches 0.5%.


A scenic flight between Samara and Tamarindo, piloted by Captain Jurgen Stein Selva Bananito Reserve, allowed his niece Marta Aldelson-Stein capture the stunning photographs of the arrival of turtles in Ostional Guanacaste in this September 2015 morning.

Stein said his niece, living in the United States, has been working in recent weeks with the book and decided to give the flight as a farewell present. The pictures were also published by the Costa Rican Network of Nature Reserves in your Facebook profile.

"That was at 11:00 am yesterday, at that time had as three turtles nesting on the beach. I think that those who were on the beach, could not see at the time what we watched as the sea stung and looked dark. When we flew over the scene and saw the turquoise sea, "said Stein. See the Video of turtles arrival.

The nesting season in rainy season runs from July to December and at the end of each month, thousands of species arrive at this place, characterized by its extensive conditions suitable for this development.To observe the turtles make their nests must arrive before 7 a. m. or be in the shelter with the sunset. At nightfall begins the natural spectacle than anything else happen here, and three other places in the world, including Nancite beach, in the Costa Rican Pacific; Brush beach in Mexico, and in the region of Orissa, India. Although many believe that the residence time of the turtles on the beach could take all night, which is when salen- turtles, their average stay is one hour and a half.

That period is the delay from emerging water until they make a hole of 45 centimeters deep, to bury the eggs and return to their habitat. "The time to wait for births is 45 days so that the offspring would be out between the first and the second of January," said the biologist. The protected area of ​​the refuge is seven square kilometers of maritime zone. Although it is a species that is not endangered Minae both authorities and members of the Association of Development ensure that turtles nest under serious threats that endanger their survival.

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