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(children do not pay up to 6 years)





Rainforest + Aerial Tram + Canopy = Tranopy.

Pure adrenaline on the top of the rainforest.

  • Adults US $ 70.00
  • Children and Students US $ 42.50: please add extra children or students in the box of "Special instructions" that you will find in the PayPal payment
Reservations $14.00 deposit adults only
(Children and students will pay the day of the tour)

TRANOPY = Rainforest + Aerial Tram + Zip Line!
(no children under 12)

The innovative TRANOPY tour combines the in-depth forest view of an aerial tram with the excitement of a canopy tour. A professional naturalist guide will accompany you, pointing out secrets of the primary and secondary rainforest that surrounds you.

The TRANOPY starts with a ride on the famous tram. The 30-minute tram ride will bring you through the forest, over tumbling cascades and to the beginning of the canopy portion of the adventure.

The canopy portion of the tour features ten cables - five of which are over 200 meters long (that's two city blocks!). The longest is the fifth, stretching an impressive 316 meters over the rainforest.

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