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Poas volcano

Poas volcano

Discover the majestic craters of the Poas Volcano: geysers and active fumaroles near deep blue water lakes...

Location Alajuela, about two hours drive north of hotel La Dolce Vita
Pick up time 7:00 am
Don't forget Tennis shoes, Shorts or Jeans, T-shirt, Jacket, Sun block and Camera
Rates 95.00 US$ per person.
Min. of 4 persons required to operate.
Reservations $19.00 per person deposit, adults only

Poas Volcano National Park (5,600 hectares) is one of Costa Rica's most popular parks. Its two craters are the big attractions and, like the crater at Irazu, they are virtually drive-in. The first crater, over 1,5 kms wide, is filled with geysers and active fumaroles. A hot sulfurous lake sits, bubbling at the bottom, 300 meters below. The vegetation is stunted and twisted and sparse because of acid rain and the constant emission of gasses. A second crater, Botos, is filled with deep blue water and surrounded by damp cloud forest vegetation. There are plenty of birds here, including the resplendent quetzal and hummingbirds.

This tour begins with a beautiful drive through the lush coffee plantations and flower farms of the area. The tour includes a hike through the surrounding forest that is teeming with typical plant life and exotic birds. The hike concludes at a restful, emerald green, tropical lagoon.

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