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Horse Jungle Hacienda

Horse Jungle Hacienda

Riding these magnificent animals, you will discover the amazing beauty of the flora and fauna, visiting a real working farm of Costa Rica, which produces local products since 1830

Rates 2.5 hours, $65.00 per person
Reservations $13.00 deposit adults only
(Children will pay the day of the tour)

If you want all the jungle fun of the previous tour, but don't feel like a mud bath, you will love the Jungle Hacienda Adventure. Our tour will take you through the stunning pristine primary and secondary rain forest and incredible vistas, here in the real Costa Rica. Surrounded by amazing flora and fauna, arrive at Hacienda La Quina. Owned by the same family since 1830, see a working farm that is proud of it roots and leaders in ecological farming. Stop by for a refreshing juice at the springs before meandering through the forests towards home.

A perfect combination of riding, nature, education and fun. A completely unique experience!

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