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It’s never too early or too late to learn how to surf… being either a kid or a senior you will have fun. Welcome to La Dolce Vita Surf Campus, the personalized surf school of Esterillos Oeste: with its quality surf classes and nice accommodation close to the beach, La Dolce Vita Surf Campus is the surf school of choice.
Relax and have safe fun, by choosing La Dolce Vita Surf Campus you are in good hands! Our student ratio is never more than 3 to 1 and you may even be instructed privately, since we base our program on our student needs: so you get guaranteed attention, essential to progress. Good surfing relies on good technique; and our qualified instructors will assess your surfing skills, explaining  how you can learn or improve (if you are intermediate) your surfing technique. Many basic maneuvers can be improved very easily by refining technique that will allow you to be able to perform these maneuvers more powerfully and consistently. No matter the size of the waves, there is always the right spot: good for beginners and intermediates around Esterillos, due to the variety of spots in this area, including those for more experienced surfers.
Il will be exciting to see that you will have successfully surfed a few waves by the end of your lesson. There is anything better than watching you and your friends succeed at something you know you are trying  and seeing everyone smiling from ear to ear as you and your friends are riding your first waves into shore.
Our surf academy's lessons first teache you the basic art of paddling and mounting your board then, after learning water safety, surf etiquette and board handling you'll be ready to hit the waves. We guarantee that before you know it you'll be standing up on your board and riding a wave, wondering why you never did this before.
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