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Adventure free hot springs

Category: General 

Jan 12, 2014

An important point to know in Costa Rica about hot springs, is that in all the territory and expecially  La Fortuna/Arenal there are many hot spring options  – many of which are worth the entrance fee, such as: the Tabacon hot springs, Ecotermales hot springs, Baldi hot springs, the Springs Resort hot springs (Los Perdidos), Titoku (Arenal Kioro’s hot springs), Los Laureles hot springs, Los Lagos hot springs, and the Paradise hot springs. All these places attract the majority of visitors and each site offers travellers a different experience. Tico germinating soil , hot springs are pure gold for those who want to relax, relieve a physical evil or just a quiet family share plan.Hot shower Baldi Hot Springs offers stone monuments that simulate natural waterfalls . Some tourists sit to stand and wait for the hot water run over their bodies. Heated by volcanic veins that traverse the country , temperature and mineral hot springs provide a welfare would be a great shame to waste , especially when our lands are restricted in at least 15 tourist spots in which you enjoy.

Except Heredia, Puntarenas and Limon provinces offer other options for you to escape from work stress, put on his bathing suit and soak in the warm waters . The rainy season does not matter here! The hot springs in Costa Rica come from rivers, springs and dug wells, are offered in the country by luxury resorts and business of rural character. That is, the thermal experience does not come alone, but is accompanied by basic supply services , gourmet delights and fine accommodations.

The traditional seaside resort of the country is Tabacon Resort, but also one of the most expensive and luxurious . Located in San Carlos, on the slopes of the volcano, the resort has two streams of mineral water, one cold and one hot. Other centers in the same area are the Baldi Hot Springs and Hotel Kioro. In both, the hot water is pumped to the outside and made ​​to form artificial pools visually appealing and different temperatures. " The largest hot springs in the world " and is touted by Baldi Hot Springs has 25 pools and the large size of each. Kioro The pools are smaller, but equally cozy with natural decoration. Healthy minerals and warm temperatures of the hot springs have proven to be very beneficial for the body and soul. German Fonseca enlarge Meanwhile, in Guanacaste veins Miravalles volcano enliven centers as Thermomania and Yoko, located in Guayabo and La Fortuna de Bagaces respectively. Both centers provide concrete pools and natural style and cabin accommodations . Thermomania also has camping area.

In Hacienda Guachipelín in Liberia , the Rincon de la Vieja volcano warms the waters of a river that runs through the property and completely natural pools. In the foothills Chirripo highlights Gevi Thermal Spa , uniquely located in the province of San José. Gevi Springs is located in San Gerardo de Rivas, in Perez Zeledon, and apart from two thermal pools, offers trails , waterfall , gazebo and a coffee tour and avocado. By moving to Carthage, you can visit the Orosi Valley and attend the Spa Los Patios. Tuesday to Sunday open this spa consists of five thermal pools and two cold water. In the same area , to Los Patios makes it Orosi Hot competition , featuring four large swimming pools and temperatures ranging from 19 ° C to 33 ° C.

However there are still free hot springs, popularly known as the "poor" (pobres). On the banks of the river or Celeste Tabacon River in Guatuso , certain pools where you can enjoy the hot springs , albeit with fewer amenities. Being on a budget, the free hot springs is one of our favourite spots. In fact, the water flows from the same river that passes through the Tabacon resort but the water can be accessed outside the boundaries of the hotel (saving the entrance fee). Of course, this small hot springs spot located outside of the hotel pales is not so beutiful in comparison to the beauty of the hot springs  inside the Tabacon resort, but for those who want to taste the basic experience (and to appease the budget), the mini-Tabacon is all you really need.


The Tabacon Resort is located approximately 10-15 minutes outside of downtown La Fortuna. A taxi is required if have not rented your own vehicle, to visit the free hot springs. If you are driving yourself to the site, drive out from downtown La Fortuna on the main road towards the volcano. Continue driving for about 10 minutes and pass all of the hotels and resorts on both sides of the road, until you find the Tabacon Resort on your right. Just past the resort on the left will be the Tabacon hot springs entrance. Just after this entrance you will see parking available on both sides of the street (just Costa Rican parking, that is simply a strip of flattened land where drivers can pull over on the side of the road where there is space). Park here. Alternatively, if you take a taxi to the site, ask the driver to take you to the Tabacon Resort hot springs entrance (not the hotel entrance, since these two places are located in slightly different locations). Once at the Tabacon Resort hot springs entrance (whether you have driven yourself or arrived by taxi), cross over to the right-hand side of the road and follow the gravel path down into what looks like a forest (approximately 30 seconds). Once you are at the bottom of the path you will hear and see the flowing water from the hot springs. We recommend to change into your bathing suit before you leave your hotel since there is no place to change (no bathrooms either) at the free hot springs and keep an eye to your belongings. Perhaps this goes without saying, but do not bring any valuables with you to the site since there is no secure place to leave them. Once at the river, looking to the left you will see some larger rocks which you can climb up and over to access a big pool of water (do so carefully – these rocks are slippery!). The pool itself is the free hot springs – the left side is primarily hot water (heated by the volcano) and the right side is cooler (the product of regular river water running into and cooling the volcano-heated spring water). have fun!

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