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Riverboarding / Hydrospeed in Costa Rica

Category: General 

Dec 29, 2013

Hydrospeed : the genesis of this sport is recent , having been born about seventy years ago in France as a version of swimming in the river "living water" (ie water crossed by strong currents and eddies ) . In a short time , in addition to the helmet , the suit , the self- inflating vest and fins to the athletes was joined by the presence of a particular form of floating and sledding, similar to a tablet by flotation with raised edges .  The sport is to go down the impetuous course of the rivers gaining speed in slalom and trying to dodge the obstacles. In recent years, a "soft" version of the discipline made ​​its appearance in the most tranquil rivers and water warmer : the tubing echoes the atmosphere of the slides at the water parks and allows the athlete to stay out of the water and float comfortably over life jackets in oversized colloquially called " donuts " . The tubing is always expected to wear a helmet and life jacket , while it may be left off the use of fins and suit. Thanks to the richness of rivers, since a few years, Costa Rica has become a country where Hydrospeed can be practiced, as you will see continuing to read


Pacuare River has become home to several fans Hydrospeeding and, over the years, several fans of this extreme sport have ventured along its banks. As you can see in this video, already in 2009, some athletes have descended the banks of the Pacuare River in Costa Rica with success.


Now this sport is becoming popular in Costa Rica and there are several places to practice, if you are interested please get on touch with us and will help you to find a guide to practice it with the maximum security.



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