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Swedish Team going to win the 2013 Costa Rica Adventure World Championship

Category: General 

Dec 12, 2013

The Swedish team Thule , just start the canopy in the La Linda, in the Virgin de Sarapiqui , is 23 kilometers to reach their first crown in Adventure World . To do this, the Europeans had to overcome a last minute surprise , Jacky Boisset because one of its members - suffer from extreme tiredness that is affecting you psychologically.
Such is the incident with Boisset, his wife and teammate Myriam Guillot, mourn no longer concerned about the health of her husband. Despite this , they, both French , with Stuart Lynch New Zealand and Spain Alberth Rock , joined the canopy to close with 23 kilometers of rafting.
In the second place and Spanish team third Tecnu Columbia U.S. appears . For Costa Ricans , the quartet Aerodiva is located in a very honorable eighth place , Toyota is thirteen and Banana Costa Rica is 15.

To continue leading the pace , the Costa Rican team would arrive Tuesday Aerodiva to Puerto Viejo de Sarapiqui at about 4 p. m . , and achieved eighth place in the World Adventure . It would be the best position of a tico team in this extreme sports competition.  Behind the quartet formed by Miguel Luis Sojo, Ivannia Fonseca , Marco Méndez and Pablo Leiva, the Toyota Racing Team is located (currently in 13th ) , Banana ( 15) and the Jeep Adventure ( 23 ), all of Costa Rica .

On Tuesday it planned to go 156 miles on a mountain bike up to La Virgen de Sarapiqui. At that point , the teams would go to a circuit canopy and around 23 kilometers in rafting on the Sarapiqui River , to arrive at the finish line in Puerto Viejo.

After 815 kilometers, the World Adventure Monday crowned as the champion of the Swedish team Thule Adventure Team , which made a total time of 168 hours and 23 minutes. Thule was followed by Columbia ( Spain , 171H 25m ) , Adidas (Britain, 176h 01m ) , Tecnu ( U.S. 176h 01m ) , Merrell (South Africa, 180h 20m) , BMS Multisport (Brazil, 185h 47m ) and Quasarlontra sets (Brazil, 189h 33m ) , according to information provided by the organizers of the World .Difficulty ended one of the best in the world , such as Seagate and Selva- Last night the line was closed , they were 268 hours of time to 815 km. The exaggerated difficulty , not to say brutal , held the World Championship Adventure held in the country was what caused that only 20 of the 67 teams finished.
This competition, which was held in the country between December 2 and yesterday , is regarded as the toughest has been done in the history of this discipline , beating that took place in Fiji in 2001 , when they were the Eco Challenge. The World Adventure 2013 , regulated by the entity Adventure Race , was made under the competition format of adventure expedition , in it , the teams had to go 815 miles , 400 mountain bike , kayak or rafting 239 and 176 walk .
However, in each of these miles of difficult terrain took 47 athletes quartets to withdraw or not make the cut goal , which was yesterday at 6 p. m. Among the most renowned groups were left out Kailash Forest, Brazil , and Seagate, New Zealand. The first could not continue because Jennifer Moos , one of the members , broke his right elbow in the rise of the ' Cuesta del Burro ' , up and filled with loose stone wall.
Seagate, the 2012 world champion , came one day to reach the goal , and being first in the race when Trevor Voyce could not go by foot injuries generated by the typical tropical moisture , atypical for Europe.
The latest victim of the brutal journey was Masami Nakamura, the Japanese set East Wind , who before the degree of exhaustion fell asleep on the bike and hit his head against a metal bridge , inflicting on a bruised head and out of the contest.
"The 20 teams who have completed the race, show that it was a successful design and  means that despite the route were were very harsh and superlong stages, but could be completed  and it was not an impossible route ," said Alexander Baker , director of competition. Within 815 km competitors had to face 12 microclimates , as the burning heat of the southern border, moisture Caribbean tropics and rainforest , the temperature of the Atlantic region of Cerro Chirripo cold and rain and heat of the north .


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