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2013 Costa Rica World Championship Adventure

Category: General 

Dec 14, 2013

It's just finished the final of the World Championship Adventure . It lasted more than 7 days through Costa Rica from coast to coast and border to border. From sea level to 3,800 m altitude Chirripo . A journey of 815 miles , walking, biking , canoeing and abseiling . They did it, virtually, without stopping; only to eat and take a quick nap . At times they were dry , and at times drenched . Now with a sweltering and humid heat, then with a cold soaked to the bone. It began with 60 teams , but only 20 were able to complete the entire route. As rated by the same competitors , this was one of the world's toughest adventure that have been made.
With this , we realize that Costa Rica 's ability to organize world class events . We have very competent people , you know very well organized and planned .  The positioning of Costa Rica as the best adventure holiday destination in the world was reinforced .

Such events teaches us the importance of public- private partnerships. The organizers, their sponsors , took great pains to make a good competition. They worked very hard , put money and took risks . And so must have had their reward . But while the country as a whole benefited . The event generated a public good , which was not private profit for the organizers. The free publicity that the country received in the press benefit other tourism businesses not involved in the organization of this World . Therefore, the support given by the ICT , as a public entity , was crucial.

Of the same competitors we can learn. Faced with such a big challenge, everyone had to do careful planning. They trained hard. They cared for their food. They sought the right equipment. Since no one knows the exact route before starting the competition, had to prepare for the unexpected. Once in the competition, and knowing how long it would be , were one step at a time. Slowly but surely. With much perseverance and determination. They made ​​decisions that were best in the circumstances that were met along the way . Some were wrong and therefore suffered more than necessary . Many could not reach the desired goal .

Such is the life of cruel. Not everyone can be the first. But the important thing is to have a goal, this is challenging and then fight with all the resources you have to achieve it.

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